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19" Snowman with Cardinals

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Welcome to SEW MANY PRIMS!

If you're new to the site then please take your time & look around at all we have to offer. As you'll see, we're not just a pattern store, we have lots of hard-to-find doll making supplies. Believe it or not, our most popular 'hard-to-find' item is our black buttons. Sounds weird, huh? buttons? ...hard-to-find? Think about it though, have you ever tried finding that perfect 2-hole, black, matte button for your dolls' eyes at a craft or sewing store? It's nearly impossible. Be sure to head on over to check them'll be glad you did!

Wow, where to begin? We have all types of Primitive Patterns!

Looking for Doll Patterns?
Most of our doll patterns are themed or holding "a little something" to make them extra special. We have Raggedy Patterns holding cats, sunflowers, crows, bees, hearts, candy canes,...etc. We also have Santa Patterns, Witch Patterns, Bunny Patterns and a bunch of Themed Patterns such as Christmas Patterns, Halloween Patterns, Autumn Patterns, Americana Patterns, Valentine's Day Patterns, Easter Patterns & Spring Patterns.

Looking for Craft Patterns?
We have Sunflower Patterns, Ginger or Gingerbread Patterns, Snowman Patterns & Ornie or Ornament Patterns which can be used alone or as an accessory for a larger doll.

Looking for Unique Patterns?
Try our Pumpkin Patty Pattern along with the Collar Pattern series! The idea behind this series is that you will only have to make ONE doll...Pumpkin Patty, who comes with a removable pumpkin collar. As the seasons change, you simply remove the collar & replace it with a different collar. Bee Skep or Sheep Collar for everyday, Candy Corn Collar for Halloween, Flag Collar for the 4th of July...etc.

We have a large selection of supplies here at Sew Many Prims!!

Looking for doll eyes?
Look no further, as I mentioned above, we have 2-hole, matte, black buttons ranging in size from 1/8" to 3/4". We also have black beads for eyes on ornies, shelf sitters, or other small dolls.

Looking for doll hair?
We have 100% sheep's wool doll hair available in many different primitive colors. This wool hair comes in several different weights: Skinny, Fat, & Super Bulky Woolspun! We also have an awesome primitive thread which is perfect for stitched doll noses & wire-y doll hair that stands straight up! Available as 3ply & 6ply in several primitive colors as well as natural.

Looking for embellishments?
Well, we can certainly help you there! We have primitive grapevine wire, Mini Ming Pine Garland, Pip Berry Garland & a full line of Rusty products: Rusty Bells, Beads, Hearts, Stars, Snowflakes, Pumpkins...a shape for any season.

Looking to make your doll or craft sparkle?
Sprinkle Mica Flakes, Mica Powder, Snow Flurries, Sparkly Snow Flurries on any doll or snowman. The Spiced Snow Flurries or Sparkly Spiced Snow Flurries would be perfect to add sparkle to your dark, grungy crafts or Gingerbread dolls & ornies!

Looking for Doll Making Supplies?
We have what we consider to be essentials when making a doll. The Turning Tubes are a must have, I would not attempt a doll without them. They are a very popular item & hard to keep in stock, so if it's marked as sold, no worries, I'll have them back up within a week or 2! Don't forget your needles...we have Doll Making needles, basting needles, beading needles & felting needles.

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