Sifting Shakers for Styrofoam Snow

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Mason Jar Shakers using plastic canvas
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Mason Jar Sifting Shakers

As many of you know, I love using shredded Styrofoam snow on my winter crafts. I typically use FloraCraft's Winter Snow, but the Styrofoam shreds tend to be very inconsistent - you will find large chunks mixed in with fine specks.
unfiltered styrofoam snow
For larger projects, this is not a concern, but if you are trying to sprinkle this snow onto a delicate Christmas ornament without any filtering, this inconsistency can be problematic. You sure don't want large chunks of snow covering up the fine details on your ornament! Normally, I would grind the snow down in a personal blender, but that is messy & sometimes I'm just in a hurry & don't want to dig out my equipment. So, here is a quick & easy way to filter out the chunky snow, giving you consistently fine snow when you really need it. 


  • Mason Jars with rings (any size will do!)
  • Plastic canvas #10 (10 holes per inch) - fine filter
  • Plastic canvas #7 (7 holes per inch) - medium filter
  • Marker (I used a fine point Sharpie)
  • Scissors
  • Winter Snow (coarsely shredded Styrofoam)

Fine Sifting Shaker:

I used a 1/2 pint, regular mouth mason jar & ring for this shaker. You can use whatever size mason jar you have on hand, you just need to size the plastic canvas filter to the opening of the jar. For the filter, I used #10 plastic canvas which has more holes per inch so it will sift out the finer particles.  

Simply place the ring on the canvas (top side down) & trace around the ring with a marker. Cut out the circle following the line on the inside. 

plastic canvas filter steps

Fill jar with Styrofoam snow & place filter on the jar. Trim off any excess plastic canvas, if needed. Screw on the ring & you now have a handy-dandy sifting shaker!

Mason Jar Plastic Canvas Filter

Medium Sifting Shaker:

Steps are the same as the Fine Sifting Shaker, I just used a pint, wide mouth  mason jar (again, you can use any size jar you like) & #7 plastic canvas which has larger holes, allowing slightly larger particles to sift through the filter.

To be honest, there is not a lot of difference in the size of the snow particles that sifts through the fine & medium canvas filters. The fine filter gives you more control as it shakes out slower than the medium filter. If you only have one type of canvas on hand, I would not go out & buy the other as either one will do an equally good job.


Beautiful! Look - no chunks, just finely filtered snow.

Filtered Styrofoam Snow 


Once you've filtered out all the fine snow from the sifting jars, you can either grind down the chunky snow or use it on larger projects. To learn more about grinding the snow using a personal blender, see this tutorial.

Give it a try & let me know what you think in the comments below!

Keep on Crafting!



    • Thank you so much for this tutorial! Great idea I will definitely use for my crafting!

      Cindy Morris on

    • Sorry about the link to the tutorial explaining how to grind the snow! I went to fix it & realized a lot of the links within the document are outdated. So, I will update the file this weekend & either correct the link or create a new blog post.

      Susan Frace on

    • Tried to see the tutorial on grinding the snow but says link expired. Is there another one?

      Barbara Bean on

    • I am unable to open the link to “To learn more about grinding the snow using a personal blender, see this tutorial”.

      Mary Alumbaugh on

    • Donna – You’re welcome, I’m so glad you liked it. Thanks for the share!

      Sew Many Prims on

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