Hillside Hives

Hi! I am Sue’s husband, Mike. I started Hillside Hives about 5 years ago as a hobby while recovering from an autoimmune disease. My hobby has since grown into quite an Apiary- we currently have around 20 hives and I manage 5 others off-site!

Because of extensive research into the causes of autoimmune disease, we have eliminated the use of many chemicals and turned to natural remedies to help heal. You will see this in all of our remedy products. We utilize essential oils, natural butters and our own beeswax - healing right from nature.

In the same respect, I utilize a natural beekeeping methodology in our apiary, meaning I use no harsh chemicals in the hives (or anywhere on our little urban farm) and I do minimal handling of the bees- I let them do their thing! I utilize essential oils as a pest management strategy plus provide sustaining beneficial herbs for the bees to help them stay healthy. We treat every bee like the queen!

We also keep our honey products raw to maximize nutritional and medicinal benefits. We, along with our local customers, prefer it this way.