CLEARANCE Glamour Dust - crystal, 2 oz.

Sew Many Prims

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Looking for the finest crystal glitter? DecoArt® Glamour Dust® is so very fine that it's almost like... well, dust. (If dust sparkled like crazy, that is!)

For fabric doll-making purposes, I apply a thin coat of spray glue to the doll & then sprinkle the dust over the glue. The spray glue will provide enough tackiness for it to adhere, but still leave the fabric soft. If you want a firmer hold you can use Mod Podge, but it will also stiffen the fabric.

Tip: To conserve the glitter dust, work over a piece of paper & then funnel unused portion back into the bottle.

You will get a 2 oz. bottle of crystal (iridescent) glitter dust.