Glass Glitter, 1 oz.

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This clear glass glitter is what I use to add an icy or frosted effect to my snowmen or other craft projects.

For fabric doll-making purposes, I apply a thin coat of spray glue to the fabric & then sprinkle the glass glitter over the glue, gently tap the glitter into the glue. The spray glue will provide enough tackiness for the glitter to adhere when dry, but still leave the fabric soft. If you want a firmer hold you can use Mod Podge, but it will also stiffen the fabric.

Tip: I recomment using a salt shaker to apply the glitter to your projects. To conserve, work over a piece of paper & then funnel unused portion back into the shaker. 

Note: Please use caution when working with glass glitter. Wear gloves & do not apply to any item that will be handled by a child.

You will get 1 oz. per package. 

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