Mica Flakes

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This is a natural, unbleached, medium to large flake Mica which will come packaged in a plastic jar for convenient storage. They are great for adding vintage sparkle to your craft projects (I use this all the time on my snowmen).

For fabric doll-making purposes, I apply a thin coat of spray glue to the doll & then sprinkle the flakes over the glue. The spray glue will provide enough tackiness for the mica to adhere, but still leave the fabric soft. If you want a firmer hold you can use Mod Podge, but it will also stiffen the fabric.

Tip: To conserve mica, work over a piece of paper & then funnel unused mica back into the jar.
Available in a 4 fl. oz. jar (1/2 cup)  - measured by volume not weight.
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