Tick & Repellent for Dogs & their Humans (not recommended for cats)

Hillside Hives

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We developed our Hillside Hives Tick & Mosquito Repellent because we did not want to put harsh chemical drops or a chemical infused collar on our dogs to repel ticks. Plus, we wanted a natural product that we could use on us humans as well when we spend time outside with the pups!

We live in New England, an area very high in deer ticks that spread Lyme Disease, so a proven all-natural formula was a necessity! After much research, we found a powerful, dog-friendly essential oil blend that works wonderfully as a tick repellent that also keeps the mosquitos at bay.

We spray our dogs bandanas & harness, being careful not to spray directly in their face. We do this routine twice a day- more if they are out for longer periods of time, rolling around in the grass a lot or on hikes through the woods or high grass areas. If you can smell it on your dogs, so can the ticks - and ticks are repelled by the scent!

This product is also great for us humans too - just note that there is a strong florally aroma which makes it so effective against pests but can be hard for some people with scent sensitivities. A little goes a long way! I give myself a spray on the legs and back of my neck when I spray the dogs to keep these nasty pests off of me too. If you are looking for an all natural repellent safe for humans and dogs, give our product a try!

For children aged  6 & under, we recommend you spray on their clothing/shoes and not directly on their skin. For adults, you can spray directly on the skin. Just as you do with any other cosmetic products, start with a small area in case you may be sensitive with any ingredients.

Please note: Many of our Hillside Hives products are made-to-order in small batches. You may experience a 2-3 day shipping delay to assure you are receiving our highest quality product.